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Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealers in VA Share Tips

Valley Cycle Center | 04/23/2021

Today, we want to share some tips on taking care of, you guessed it, Kawasaki motorcycles. Many of you have been to our dealership to find your dream motorcycle. But as proud Powersports enthusiasts, we want to be here for you long after you drive your bike out into Winchester. Today, our team of some of the best Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in VA wants to share their tips on vehicle service. 

All of us love our Kawasaki motorcycles--and we know you do too. We hear from riders all the time who want to make their Kawasaki last as long as possible. Many of you think there’s a secret, but it’s really simple: regular service and care go a long way. 

kawasaki motorcycle dealers in va

Before we moved to Winchester, we were always asking, “Why isn’t there a Kawasaki dealer near me that cares about service as much as sales?”

That’s why we opened Valley Cycle Center: we’re committed to helping you take care of your bike and have fun on your new ride. Check out our guide to service, and stop by today with any questions or service needs!

Service Overview

As Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in VA, we help riders perform regular service all the time. Here are some of the key elements. 

Just like a car, you want your bike’s oil to be clean in order to extend the life of your motorcycle and keep it healthy. You can take out the dipstick to check the oil color any time, and you can also check to see if you need to add a bit of oil. It’s also a good idea to regularly change the oil filter with each oil change. At our Kawasaki cycle center, our service team can help with all of this.

Keeping an eye on fluids--like coolant and brake line fluid--is also important. You’ll also want to regularly check the sprockets in a chain drive system and look for cracks in a belt drive system. And of course, valve adjustments are an important part of regular maintenance. Many riders prefer to have a professional handle these maintenance tasks, and our service team can certainly help. 

Some maintenance is easy to do without heading to the dealership, even if you’re a newer rider. Make sure you regularly check your tire pressure, and also be on the lookout for foreign objects embedded in your tires. It’s also a good idea to regularly check the tire tread to see if it’s time for new tires. As Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in VA, we’re always able to help you get the right parts or new tires for your bike. 

In terms of specifics, like proper tire pressure and maintenance intervals, these elements vary from bike to bike. Check your owner’s manual for more information, or ask our experienced service department for advice. 

You can count on a Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealership in VA

Newer riders might prefer their service to be entirely handled by the dealership, while more experienced riders like to get their hands dirty. Whichever you prefer, our team has got you covered. 

Our Valley Cycle Center dealership is fully stocked with Kawasaki motorcycles parts and accessories, so if you need something to keep your bike in shape, we’re here to help. If you’d like us to handle the service, our experienced team of mechanics can help you out. Plus, our team loves to talk shop if you have any maintenance questions. 

As we said, we want to be here for you long after you ride your bike home. As Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in VA, we’re invested in our Powersports community. Stop by for all your service needs today!

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